Chair Tree

The handy chair tree allows the cart to be filled and still accessible with  8 chairs on .

Umbrella Holder

Umbrella and flag holders with locks to keep them from blowing away on those windy days.

Umbrella Tote

Optional umbrella tote just slips onto cart to carry large umbrellas.

Sturdy Basket

Sturdy aluminum basket keeps things in cart and lets sand out.

Easy Cleanup

Leave your chairs and toys in cart and just wash down no need to unpack everyday.

Dismantles Fast

With a pull of a few pins cart breaks down in a minute to the size of the basket for storage.

Large Basket

Basket size is 28” x 48” X 15” deep. Has plenty of room for toys and towels.

Hold Cooler & Food

Easily carries  52qt cooler filled with food and drinks.

Fishing Pole Holders

Optional removable fishing pole holders can be added.